Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dirty Show, L.A. || Nov. 12-14

    The motown-based event production known as The Dirty Show takes it's bi-annual erotic art showcase on the road, this time to LA, for a limited 2-day "quickie".  Featuring the sultry, lowbrow, campy artwork we've all cum to know and love, hosted in dozens of adjacent rooms at the City Center Motel in order to make for a more intimate (read: Sleazy!) setting.
     Check out the video-'teaser' below for a sneak-peep, Tom, behind the dirty curtain, finally revealing its founder/co-curator Jerry (Vile) Peterson, who is infamous for  his now-defunct arts and culture tabloid, Orbit Magazine (of which Q. Tarantino paid homage to by donning a t-shirt of in his cameo in Pulp Fiction). I'll finish off with a taste of what more one can expect in a motel full of 'erotica'. Click photo to visit