Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mineo - Turn Out the Lights [video teaser]

Super cool art direction and unique storyboard style music video teaser by Mineo. . And its a peak hour dancefloor track too, summoning rhythms and tones from classic 80s and 90s jackin' house. I can diggit and the vid as well. Give it a go


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Night Terrors


Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Grime Time

When it comes to the sound known as Grime..or to be more geographically correct, Gutta-Step, HOU531, aka House (Man), hails from Motown and he's holdin' it down; and severely so much that it's bka Thug-Step.
Detroit's response (to all that's dub-by and step-ish) fuses homegrown electro-rhythms knotted w/ drum-n-bass & dubstep, culminating into something deep, dark and dynamic; essential listening for those trekking the trails of the urban psychosphere.. This one's titled Britannia, featuring footage of local urban skate-park and a recent set by HOU531 a few weeks ago Docile / Cryovac's rec23 event @UBC; video/edits by Jay Savi.

Monday, May 20, 2013

D/UBC = Docile / Urban Bean Company SUN26MAY13

Cryovac Recordings, along with Docile Records, host the Sunday May 26th edition at Urban Bean Company. Andrew Garcia, label-head for the aforementioned and Detroit Threads, celebrates release #23 of Docile; Dj's A. Garcia, Roman Debnar; live beats by H0U531; & Special guest dj's will accompany to lay it down at Urban Bean Co., @ 200 Grand River Ave., (corner of Griswold St.).

Come on down for day two (or day trois?) of Movement Fest weekend, 2013. Speakers give way at 6pm Get some coffee, espresso, cool refreshments and edible delights here while you're at it, & peep this video for the shindig below: