Friday, June 28, 2013

It's Grime Time

When it comes to the sound known as Grime..or to be more geographically correct, Gutta-Step, HOU531, aka House (Man), hails from Motown and he's holdin' it down; and severely so much that it's bka Thug-Step.
Detroit's response (to all that's dub-by and step-ish) fuses homegrown electro-rhythms knotted w/ drum-n-bass & dubstep, culminating into something deep, dark and dynamic; essential listening for those trekking the trails of the urban psychosphere.. This one's titled Britannia, featuring footage of local urban skate-park and a recent set by HOU531 a few weeks ago Docile / Cryovac's rec23 event @UBC; video/edits by Jay Savi.