Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Made To Play Rec. | Scion | US Mini Tour | *Free Downloads*

     Gratitude to Berlin based label Made To Play for eek-ing in a 4-City U.S. Mini Tour that includes: Miami, NYC, Austin and Los Angeles; peculiar, but obviously well mapped out nonetheless! ;)  Sponsored by Scion, this may be just a glimpse of future events on the horizon in 2010 (WMC, ..., SxSW..)

          Jesse Rose, Riva Starr, Zombie Disco, Idiotproof, Oliver $, (+ heavy-weight locals).  Holy Friggin' Ay!  Amidst all the hoopla, excitement and cheer about 'When I Was Drunk' and whether or not (more like WHEN-) Mr. Starr was going to make an SF appearance, I can't believe I nearly got caught sleepin' on this one!  So, now I'm sleeping on the idea of blogging this (fuck that, I wanna go down to LA!!)..   Just in case, I wanted a vicarious experience, and tweeted my homie Billy "Mr. Badass" Campbell who recently relocated to NYC, about this one; hope you could make it.  Caitlin, Eden, Elle, or Ms. Sin-Tricate down in L.A..?
          Words cannot describe my excitement, regardless of whether or not I can make attendance (lesson: get plenty of rest, and don't forget to set an alarm!);  and in more anticipated news on Riva Starr, promoters LIGHTS DOWN LOW have locked down an SF booking from the London based Italian, and have struck an agreement to expand to the L.D.L. franchise to Paris; launch-date: Jan. 8, 2010. (Congrats Sleazemore, & the LDL Crew!)