Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dr. Disko Dust MIXTAPE: Angelz Warriors & Disko-Wizardz

     It's rumored that the otherworldly alter-ego of John Ryan, Doctor Disko Dust, had one of his infamous PCP Robots deliver their latest mix-tape (Angelz + Warriors & Disko-Wizardz) to Demonbabies at I Heart Comix!, but apparently, yours truly, Club 80 D, was Cc'd on that!! While it's an honor to be surrounded in such good company, We really jus stoked to be hosting this release as our maiden blogspot-posting ;)
     Nortorious for jamming a Jimmy Henderix-esque Star Spangled Banner guitar solo in the chillout room at a rave feat. Jeff Mills (way 'back in the day' circa '92/'93), or even better yet for his project as the duo Spacelings and Bassheads, D.D.D. made for even more memorable moments at the Angelz Warriors & Disko-Wizards release party at The Bankle a few weeks ago. Featured were live performances by Goudron and Dethlab (Bethany Schorb/t0ybreaker, M. Doyle), as well as DJ Sets by David Blunk II, Dean SysteM., and the Dr. Disko Dust himself.
     As part of my homecoming back to Detroit after 2 years in the Bay area, I was a witness to this event - the music and performances blew me away, especially the live set orchestration by renowned artist Ron Zakrin (as Goudron) !! I'd arrived just as John R. (DDD) was transitioning out of the first track in his DJ set, and the rest made for an enchanted evening, that's for sure! On that note, click the link below (compliments of Jesus Rivera) to check out the STREAM @ i Heart