Monday, September 28, 2009

New SKULLTRANE EP This One Called DUB, Mal Label Music #3

New Skulltrane E.P. This One Called DUB!!
     Freshly back in the Bay from performing, camping, rave-, and all of the above -ing's, at Burning Man 09, SKULLTRANE (Carolyn Smith aka oWn, and Doug Keaney..) have just dropped their latest E.P., This One Called Dub, featuring a track by Blackheart, remix by HD4000 and a collaboration with Eyevan El & The Genie.
     Tracks: This One Called Dub, Mission Skulltrane (by Blackheart); This One Called Dub (HD4000 Remix), Mirror Elements (feat. Eyevan El & The Genie).
     And now that the playa-dust has settled, get prepped for LovEvolution this weekend in SF, where 100K + folks shall congregate in a city-square amid 30+ booming sounds systems - clothing/glow-wear optional!
     For more info on where to find SKULLTRANE this weekend and in the future, check out as well as Skulltrane's record label's site:  an'eerssum vids: