Saturday, January 30, 2010

Phoencia - Echelon Mall, Schematic Records (2010) NEW!

     Newly published and released by Miami-centric innovators Phoenecia (Schematic Records), Joshua Kay & Romulo Del Castillo's latest full length lp Echelon Mall is a culmination of the duo's exhibition and film works between 2004-09.  Allowing the flow and whirlwind of their cumulative artistic endeavors to dictate what was to be the inspiration for Echelon Mall, their modus operandi was sort of an editors nightmare style of collage- sculpted, molded, structured and tweeked to architecturally psound perfection!  This album features an eclectic array of themes and moods , the soundscapes of which are sure to take one on a mystical trek through the multi-faceted dimensions of the collective unconscious, tonally speaking of course.  Just my humble attempt at interpretation; listen/learn more here at their site/s:  (thanks to @djkero / for the heads^)